• Residential Lighting for the Home
  • Daylight Calculation
  • 3D visual Imagery
  • Lighting Effects via Controls / Dimming



  • Garden Lighting
  • Estate Lighting
  • Public Realm Lighting
  • Road Lighting


Commercial , Retail, Office

  • Commercial Lighting
  • Emergency Lighting


Independent Assessments 

For clients who have issues with lighting installations, poor product performance or poor reliability, we offer an inspection service where we seek to identify root causes and suggest how to remedy such issues.


Italian Translation and Documentation

It is common for Italian documentation to omit UK electrical terminology and reference to standards. We have the capability to provide translation services that include these details to make the document clearer and more professional.

Whether your planning to re-decorate, extend or re-build your home, the location and effects of the lighting installation can enhance your enjoyment of the space. This is not only at night!. It is possible to show where daylight can fall throughout the year. We are able to model a space having issued, or, taken dimensions to show the diverse effects that can be created Effective switching of different lighting can help create a more welcoming mood.

Increasingly with the availability of performance glazing, it is now viable to bring the outside arena and form a new viewing platform from within your house or building. Improved efficiency of lighting allows the outside area, once totally dark, to now be incorporated within your viewing pleasure on a dark December evening.

For those considering a greater scale of building works for either private, or, adoptable development, the lighting design services are offered to meet the requirement for Section 38 or Section  278 works and Secure by Design.

Lighting Design of public roads is also an area of expertise within the practice weather the requirement is for Luminance or Illuminance.